So you've been trying to grow your eyebrows for months and the thought of letting someone else touch them terrifies you, because the last time someone removed too much and left you with thin and asymmetrical arches. I'm here to help you!

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Hania Issa

About my Signature Brow Design

Having perfect brows is absolutely possible, but it requires partnering with the right professional.  Whether your brows have been over-tweezed, are too light, have thin spots, or an asymmetrical shape, I can help you grow your best brows ever.  At your first appointment, we will discuss your vision and I will assess your brows.  Using a pencil, I will draw a design that complements your features.  I will then use tweezers to achieve the design's shape, because tweezers allow me to be more precise and are less irritating to the skin.  If your brows have gaps, I can also use tweezing to stimulate hair growth.  For superfluous hair, I offer threading and waxing.  We will then discuss a plan for a follow-up appointment in 4-6 weeks, depending on your hair growth.  I recommend taking a picture at the first appointment to document your brows' progress, and you will be amazed at your transformation! 


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Client Love

“I am so glad I found Hania when I did. I am very sensitive about who I trust with shaping my eyebrows. Hania is so thorough. She takes her time to explain how she will design and shape your eyebrows to suit your face. My experience with her was wonderful and I have encouraged so many more to visit her.”

- Sami H.

Hania has been my go-to resource for many years now. From sculpting my brows to skin care treatments to makeovers, she’s always left me feeling confident and beautiful. She has an exceptional talent for choosing colors and recommending styles that look great on me. I’m so grateful to have found someone I can truly trust!

Luz M.

“Hania has transformed my eyebrows! She is the absolute best at what she does. Her makeup application is also beautiful. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”



Laura E.

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