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A Better Way
to Beautiful Brows 

  • Are you tired of searching for an eyebrow pencil with just the right shade?

  • Are you frustrated with makeup that makes your eyebrows look too heavy?

  • Are you spending too much time in the morning struggling to get beautiful, natural looking eyebrows?

There's a better way!  HANIA Style & Set Solution 

What is HANIA Style & Set Solution?

For years, I've seen my clients struggle to find the right eyebrow pencil with just the right definition, color, and ease of application.  So, I decided to offer a solution that I could recommend with confidence!

Introducing HANIA Style & Set Solution, a simple two-step process using HANIA Brow Pencil and Gel for natural eyebrow enhancement. First, use the pencil to fill in any sparse areas and create definition. Then, apply the eyebrow gel to set the shape for a sleek, elegant finish that lasts all day!


Although pairing the pencil and gel provides the ultimate solution, they are also sold separately. 

Beauty in Natural Makeup

After 15 years in the makeup industry, I decided to create an eyebrow pencil with all the features I love.  With a smooth formula that glides effortlessly onto your skin, HANIA Brow Pencil allows you to fill in sparse areas and create a flawless, natural look.  My unique triangle shape features a pointed tip for definition and a flat tip to build color and intensity.  This mechanical pencil is available in three shades, making it easy to find a color that matches your natural brow color and skin tone. And, with its long-lasting formula, you can be sure your brows will stay on point all day long.  Order yours today for your best brows ever!

HANIA Eyebrow Pencil

HANIA Eyebrow Gel

HANIA Brow Gel lets you say goodbye to those unruly brows and hello to sleek perfection!  The gel's light, water resistant formula provides a natural hold that keeps your eyebrow hair in place all day long, despite humidity and perspiration.   A smaller brush offers greater control for precise, clean application.  

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